Our Story

We've been building web based applications and businesses for over 10 years and every time we've found it challenging to market our product and gain traction. For our last venture, having an affiliate program was a valuable part of our marketing strategy. The problem was, the large affiliate networks didn't take too kindly to our small bootstrapped start-up without tons of proven revenue and we were rejected.

Instead we decided to run our own affiliate program with existing software. The problem was, the existing software on the market was terrible. Most products tried to be everything to everyone which made the software unfriendly and all but unusable.

In the end we decided to create our own affiliate software for our own needs. Then we realized other people had the same problems that we had encountered. So we focused our attention on helping those people and thus, AffiliateSpring was born.

Our Team

Core Team

  • Evan Jacobsen – Product Development
  • Katie Olson – Customer Experience